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Click here for a fairly complete Discography of every album Mike recorded.


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Mike Rasfeld was best known for starting Acme Recording Studio in 1973 in Chicago and recording many albums there for Flying Fish and other independent record labels. He also--

• Founded EARS, the Engineering And Recording Society of Chicago, a social group for audio engineers that still meets to this day.

• Co-Produced and Engineered “The Curly Shuffle” by Jump’n The Saddle Band. He released it on his own Acme Records label and through his promotional efforts helped make it #1 in Chicago and #15 on the National Billboard Charts.

• Whistled professionally, winning awards and often dropping in to jam with Chicago Jazz groups. He also was a vocalist, whistler, guitarist and songwriter. Listen to him playing with some of the Midwest's best musicians, including: Claudia Schmidt, Howard Levy, Joanie Pallatto, Steve Hashimoto, Peter Quinn, Scott Bennett, Jim Craig, Diane Holmes, and more...

• Taught Audio Engineering at Acme through Columbia College.