From 1975 to 1988, Mike engineered, produced, and/or mixed at least 54 albums, most of which are still being sold today. He worked on more than 36 albums in the last five years of his life, from 1983-1988. Here are the ones I could find...

Please contact me if you know of any others.


Albums have links to artist or label websites, many of which have song samples.

Part 1: Albums that Mike engineered, mixed, and co-produced (8+):

Claudia Schmidt Midwestern Heart
Produced and arranged by
Claudia Schmidt and Michael Rasfeld
1981, Flying Fish Records

Claudia Schmidt New Goodbyes, Old Hellos
Produced by Claudia Schmidt and Michael Rasfeld
Also: Vocals, fingersnaps
1983, Flying Fish Records


Buddy Charles Jive's Alive
Produced by Erwin Helfer
and Michael Rasfeld
1984, Red Beans Records

Jump 'N The Saddle Band
Produced by
T.C. Furlong, Barney Schwartz and Michael Rasfeld
1984, Atlantic Records


Mike Craver Fishing For Amour
Produced by Mike Craver,
with Michael Rasfeld
Plus, Mike whistles on two songs.
1984, Flying Fish Records

Claudia Schmidt Out of the Dark
Produced by Michael Rasfeld
and Claudia Schmidt
1985, Flying Fish Records


Tribe Primordial Bop
Produced by Tribe, Mike Rasfeld
(and other engineers)
1987, Wampum Records

Joanna Connor Believe It!
Produced by Joanna Connor,
Jerry Del Giudice and Michael Rasfeld
(Mixed by Michael Freeman)
1989, Blind Pig Records


Part 2: Albums that Mike engineered and mixed (24+):

Claudia Schmidt
Plus Vocals on two songs.
1979, Flying Fish Records

Fred Koch This Lil' Cow
Plus character voices
1983, Red Rover Records


Snooky Pryor Snooky
1987, Blind Pig Records

Henry Gray Lucky Man
1988, Blind Pig Records


Ellen McIlwaine with Jack Bruce
Everybody Needs It
1981, Blind Pig Records

Honeyboy Edwards, Sunnyland Slim, Big Walter Horton, Kansas City Red, and Floyd Jones Old Friends
1981, Earwig Music


Yank Rachel Chicago Style
(Cover shot outside Acme)
1987, Delmark Records

Big Jack Johnson Oil Man
1987, Earwig Music


Mr. B (Mark Braun)
Shining The Pearls
1986, Blind Pig Records

Marshall Vente/Project Nine w/ Anna Dawson
No Net!
1984, Mo Pro Records


Salamat Ali Khan Chandra Kaus Ragas
1982?, Aksa Records

Marshall Vente/Project Nine with Joyce Garro
Endless Intensity
1983, Divide Records


Norman Blake Blackberry Blossom
1977, Flying Fish Records

Louie Bellson, George Duvivier,
Warren Parrish, Jack Scott Loose Walk
1983, Chonto Records


Sunnyland Slim Blues Band
Chicago Jump
1983, Evidence Records

Johnny "Big Moose" Walker Blue Love
1984, Red Beans Records


Mama Estelle Yancey Maybe I'll Cry
(cover picture taken in Acme lobby)
1983, Evidence Records

Gamble Rogers Sorry Is As Sorry Does
1986, Flying Fish Records


Andrew Calhoun, Water Street

Wadada Leo Smith
Procession of the Great Ancestry
1983, Nessa Records

Fred Koch Children's Record
1986, Red Rover Records

Jackie Weissman
Sniggles, Squirrels and Chicken Pox

Dave Gordon and others Bagel O' Fun

Alabama Jr. Pettis Chicago Blues Session 4
1988, Wolf Records


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Interesting Things:

Claudia Schmidt's
MySpace page.


Claudia in the Acme lobby.