Page 1: Acme Staff


This was Acme's staff in late 1988, a few months before Mike died. Mike and from left to right: Fabio Serpa, Cheryl Rapp, Jim Rasfeld, Paul Smith, John Zdon, Bob Colton, Blaise Barton, Scott Bennett (who drew this cartoon), and Stacey Stevens (now Stacey Rasfeld).

Jim ran the office with Cheryl and Stacey, Bob ran the cassette department with Scott, John, and Fabio, and Paul and Blaise engineered sessions.




Acme's staff in 1985. That's Jim, Ted Weddell, Mike, Todd Colburn, Bob, and Les McReynolds.







Jim, Detlef Schmitz and Les McReynolds. Detlef trained as an engineer for a year in 1985. He then moved back to Germany where he still earns his living engineering.






Some of these people are members of Acme's staff from the late 70's. I'm sorry I don't know all the names, but 2nd from left is Spike Bones, then Fred Luna, and Lendon Sadler, crouching (all Acme people), and Fred's friend Bill Leubrie.

This is a page of photos of Acme Staff Members...