Bonus track:

Also Sprach Zarathustra
Played on kazoos.

This is the B side of a single from 1973 by the band Humpback Whale, which Mike was closely involved with at that time.

1. Centerpiece (Lambert, Hendricks, Ross)
Vocals: Mike, Diane Holmes. Harmonica, Piano, Sax: Howard Levy.

2. St. Thomas
Kazoos, Whistling, Voices: Mike, Peter Quinn, Jim Desmond, Danny Cimaglio. Piano: Howard Levy. Bass: Kelley Sill. Drums: Phil Gratteau.

3. Save Me
Bass, Drum & Sounds: Mike. Writer, Arranger, Lead Vocal: Bill Millican.

4. Groovin’ High
(Gillespie, Stone)
Vocals: Mike, Joanie Pallatto, Ron Cooper. Piano: Dave Gordon. Guitar: John Marabel. Bass: Steve Hashimoto. Drums: Reggie Nicholson.

5. Blues for a Squeaky Reed
(M. Rasfeld)
Clarinet, Guitar, Vocals: Mike.

6. Alexander’s Ragtime Band
Whistling, Vocals: Mike. Jug: Rich Markow.

7. Walter Ego
(M. Rasfeld/J.C. Corbett)
Vocals: Mike. Guitar: Mike or J.C.

8. Feelings
Arrangement and Lead Vocal: Mike. Spoken Vocal: Nate Herman.

9. Blues From California
(M. Rasfeld/?)
Whistling, Vocal: Mike. Guitar: ?

10. If I Only Had A Brain
(Arlen, Harburg)
Pianolin, Scarecrow: Claudia Schmidt. Lion: Mike.

11. Pass A Little On To Me (M. Rasfeld/Scott Bennett)
Music and Vocals: Mike and Scott.

12. Steam Heat (Adler, Ross)
(same as # 4)

13. Happy Birthday (Hill, Hill)
Guitar, Clarinet, Vocals: Mike.

14. Tenor Madness (Rollins)
Vocals: Mike.

15. Straight No Chaser (Monk, Jefferson)
Synth, Bongos, Whistling: Mike. Mouth Percussion: Jim Rasfeld

16. The Continental (Magidson, Conrad)
(same as # 4)

17. Short Order Cook (M. Rasfeld/Scott Bennett)
Music and Vocals: Mike and Scott.

18. Kansas City Kitty (Donaldson)
Whistling: Mike. Vocal, Guitar: Jim Craig. Jug: Rich Markow. Mandolin: Steve Rosen. Ukelele: Fred Campeau.

19. Sing A Song of Acme (M. Rasfeld)
Vocals: Mike.

20. All Blues (Davis)
(same as # 4)

21. Come Together (Lennon, McCartney)
Vocals: Mike. Guitar: Mike or J.C.

22. Furry Squirrel (Weissman)
Vocals: Mike. Guitar: Fred Koch.

23. Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me (Koehler, Bloom)
Vocals: Mike, Diane Holmes. Harmonica, Piano, Sax: Howard Levy.

24. Let The Rest of the World Go By (Ball, Brennan)
Whistling: Mike.

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These songs represent some 15 years of Mike’s life. Walter Ego and Come Together were from a demo Mike made in the early 70’s. Blues for a Squeaky Reed, Happy Birthday, Tenor Madness, and Sing a Song of Acme were all 1970’s 8-Track experiments where Mike played all the instruments.

Feelings is a tribute to Spike Jones that has been featured on Dr. Demento’s radio show.

Mike began performing live with the vocal group Scat in the early 80’s (Groovin’ High, Steam Heat, The Continental, and All Blues).

Other songs are from sessions where he helped studio clients out with vocals (If I Only Had A Brain and Furry Squirrel), or come from studio collaborations with other artists.

A few cuts are from cassette masters — Alexander’s Ragtime Band was recorded at an Acme party in 1985, and Blues From California is a duet with an unknown person. The final song, Let The Rest of the World Go By, is from a practice cassette that Mike used to hone his whistling skills, and these last two songs feature a two-note technique he was beginning to perfect.